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About Bethany Gomez

Beth Gomez was born in the Metro Detroit area. In 1987, she earned a Diploma in Nursing from Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan, and later earned her B.S.N. from The University of Michigan.

After passing her nursing board exam in 1987, Ms. Gomez went directly to work as a critical care nurse in the Critical Care Medical Unit (CCMU) at The University of Michigan Medical Center, where she cared for patients, many of whom were dying, and their families. Her broad clinical experience also included per diem work in Surgical, Coronary, Neurological/Neurosurgical, and Trauma/Burn Intensive Care Units with other facilities located throughout Michigan. She would practice and serve as an advocate for patients foremost and, in addition, would serve as a charge nurse, mentor, and preceptor for new medical and nursing staff.

While working as a critical care nurse and as a mother to four children, Ms. Gomez decided to pursue a study in law and attended Michigan State University-Detroit College of Law. While she did take a short hiatus to care for her terminally ill mother, she graduated with her Jurisprudence Degree in 2004 with a concentration in Health Law. Good fortune brought her to the Honorable Richard Suhrheinrich, United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, to extern for a semester. The culmination of her experiences led her towards a strong desire to care for those individuals in need of continued life planning.

Once passing the bar, Ms. Gomez founded Bethany MG Gomez, PLLC, where she practiced Estate Planning, served as guardian ad litem in Livingston County, Michigan, and represented individuals in need of conservatorships. With the desire to spend more time with her family, Ms. Gomez decided to temporarily close her busy practice and return to The University of Michigan Medical Center to work on behalf of patient safety and claims management within the Department of Risk Management. While there, Ms. Gomez worked and learned under the novel and ground-breaking patient safety movement “Michigan Model,” which she carried forward in her insurance defense work at a prominent professional liability insurance carrier. To round her experience, Ms. Gomez proceeded to work for a plaintiff’s personal injury firm in Michigan, where she applied her expertise and knowledge to gain justice and compensation for those individuals hurt in personal injury claims.

Ms. Gomez is now a founding partner of the law firm Mid-Michigan Legal & Consulting, where nursing and law come together to provide for the needs of the individual, first responders, and the healthcare community as a whole. It is a broad-service firm with a focus on life estate planning as well as assistance to individuals and families in need of help navigating life’s difficulties.