Estate Process

Estate Planning Process

Step 1: Planning & Discussion Session

  • Takes 1-2 hours.
  • This working session is where we discuss your family’s values and intentions, and then we will talk through the basics of probate and estate planning. Once we learn about your unique situation, we will offer our recommendation as to which type of plan will best serve your needs and goals.
  • The cost of this session is $300.00, due on the day of our meeting. If you choose to move forward with us to plan your estate plan, the cost of this session will be applied toward the cost of your plan.

Step 2: Document Preparation

  • Takes 1-3 weeks (depending upon the complexity of your plan).
  • During preparation of your customized estate plan, we may be reaching out regarding specifics and details. This time is meant to fine-tune details and answer any questions that may arise on your end. There is no charge for time spent in discussion during this step.

Step 3: Document Review and Signing Meeting

  • Takes 1 hour.
  • At this meeting, we will review your final plan and make sure that you understand how it works. Once you are comfortable with the content and your understanding of the plan, you will sign the documents with proper witnessing and notarization.

Step 4: Plan Delivery

  • Depending upon your preference and location, your finalized original estate plan will either be hand-delivered to you or shipped to your home. This plan will include either an electronic copy (USB) or a hard copy of your plan, as well as instructions for self-funding if a trust is applicable, all based upon your preference.


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